1. 17:27 28th Aug 2014

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    *Thinks about Azusa wearing nothing but neko ears and has a nosebleed* O.O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    — George Washington, during the famous crossing of the Delaware River on December 25th, 1776 (via yugichrist)
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    packing funnies

    packing funnies

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    i finally got my passport in the mail, so excited too do some State Authorized Travel

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    Dude wearing a Sunbather shirt!
    I’m gonna avoid him

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    S Q U A D

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    i leave tomorrow for the damn west. and im already have a dream about it last night where i moved into the wrong persons house. this is gonna be great

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  9. 20:28 27th Aug 2014

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    watch this like dont let the screenshot fool u into thinking its heavy shit its like hyperjazz breakbeat drumming 

    like the original was never meant to be

    played organically he fuckin even does the snare rolls holy shit

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    I have a message to all you ” Gamer’s” out there… you think you’re so cool with your Headshots and your Minecraft’s and all those.. but tell me……. are they as SICK as THIS????? *lives a healthy, fulfilling life and doesn’t hate women*