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    i’m not angry, i’m a no good piece of shit
    i hear that everyday, it just rolls off my back
    left out frustrated no one to talk to
    alone with the thoughts in my head

    the people i respect knock me down,
    so i sit like a piece of garbage washed up on the curb
    and it’s funny in a place where one in ten have no money
    i hear only one in ten encouraging words

    "yeah the wise men don’t know shit,
    it’s a poor fuck like me on the streets i got it all figured out”
    said an old man piss drunk on a wednesday
    a smile from his dirty toothless mouth made me smile

    and he asked me for a smoke and some change
    a cigarette was all i had to give
    i sat around watching cars
    thinking stupid fucking thoughts
    about my friends and my girl and my school and myself

    and i wished i could go drinking
    where no one knew my name and i didn’t know anyone else

    i sat alone bored accomplishing nothing
    another summer day, more thrown away sunshine
    "now don’t be offended and don’t curse me out,
    but i’m starving and i sure could use your dimes”

    i looked up at a young man not much older than me
    gave him a dollar and a smoke and some time
    he said “i fought for uncle sam and now he won’t fight for me
    he threw me out when i was done serving timei said i wouldn’t go into special forces and kill
    he said ‘then stay out on the streets and fucking die’”

    yeah there’s two kinds of prisons
    some say one where you’re locked up and everythings outside
    and another where you’re outside and everything is locked away. 

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